Steve Carkner

Head of Innovation at Revision Military

Funding Basics from Boots to Wings

Bringing a great idea to market almost always requires a key ingredient: Money. For the budding entrepreneur that doesn’t have a big bank account, this means you need other people’s money; that’s where things can get difficult. This session will explore at a very high level some of the funding strategies that can be employed to get your idea launched. By providing a broad overview of funding options, combined with real-world examples and anecdotes, attendees are sure to leave this session with a better understanding of how diverse funding options can be, what the stages of funding are and where their individual product or service idea may fit in. Examples of how to pitch your idea will also be provided along with an interactive exercise.

About Steve Carkner

Ever the entrepreneur, Steve started his first company at the age of 15 and bought his first investment property at 17. He was a founder of Canada’s National Angel Organization and was one of the youngest elected members of the Professional Engineers of Ontario council where he represented a ward of 40,000 engineers.

Steve was the Director of Product Development for BlackBerry during their critical growth period as they transitioned from a 12 person engineering services company to a multi-billion dollar manufacturer. Steve is the co-inventor of the Blackberry and the inventor of dozens of international patents for wireless, medical, and power systems.

Currently, Steve is a designer and visionary at Revision Military Inc., which acquired Panacis, a company Steve founded in 2002. Panacis was a three time Profit 100 recipient and also received the Deloitte Green 15 award as a top Canadian environmental company.

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