Stephanie Sabatini

IT Security Professional & Strategist

IoT Security

Picture it, Ottawa 2016.  Your alarm wakes you an hour early because there is a traffic jam on the Queensway and you won't make it to your 9am if you leave at your regular time. You hear the shower start, smell freshly brewed cappuccino (double shot, non-fat, extra dry) and the curtains slowly part to let in the morning sun. As you run out the door on time  (thanks IoT!) the house locks itself, alarm and cctv ready to go. Your refrigerator adds a note to your agenda to pick up more milk on your way home from work. Your watch will remind you when your car tells it you are 1km from the grocery store. The world seems like a bright and wonderful place. But by the time you are in your car and on your way to your first meeting of the day you've been hacked a few dozen times. Why would that happen you? Good question. How does that happen? Great question. How do we prevent that from happening? Best question! So glad you asked! Let’s talk about IoT security principals.

About Stephanie Sabatini

Stephanie Sabatini is a highly skilled technologist and senior leader. Her unique background and skill set can be accredited to her passion for cyber security and many successful years leading security programs for some of the World’s top organizations like WorldPay, Morgan Stanley and Apple.

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