Megan Cornell

Founder, CEO & Lawyer at Momentum Law

Legal and Privacy Considerations

Part 1: Starting Up Your Business – aka “When To Call In The Legal Team”

This section of the presentation will cover legal considerations when moving your technology driven company through its initial lifecycle of development. Learn when you should turn to legal support as you move through Idea, to Concept, to Commitment, to Validation, to Scaling and to Establishing your product. Find answers to the following hot questions:

  • Founder Agreements: How do we structure our business and protect the developing project in the early stages?
  • When to incorporate: When do we need to formalize our business as a corporation and how do we structure it?
  • When do we need to start protecting our intellectual property?
  • How do we take in financing for our venture?
  • How do we deal with our growing Team: contractors and employees, and how do we compensate them with shares in the company?
  • How do we document our interaction with consumers and/or development partners?
  • How do we prepare for team members leaving the business?

Part 2: Privacy Considerations as You Build Your Product

IoT development faces unique legal considerations. As you build your product, you should understand privacy law and its implications. You need to consider what data you are going to collect, what you are going to do with that data, how you are going to obtain consent from the data provider and how you are going to protect that data. Learn about:

  • Understanding Canadian PIPEDA and how it works
  • International standards
  • Data breach considerations
  • Where is the law going to be in 5 years?

About Megan Cornell

Megan is the founder and CEO of Momentum Business Law, based in Ottawa. Momentum is the first law firm in North America to combine a full service firm with a subscription based, online legal platform. Momentum is dedicated to using technology to provide clients with service options and is constantly striving to be the leader of disruptive of business legal services.

Momentum advises all sizes of businesses at all stages of their business. The Momentum team provides a full range of services to technology companies, including corporate and commercial services, intellectual property, US based legal advice, corporate immigration and employment support. Momentum’s clients receive technology supported solutions which ensure that they receive the support they need at the pace to enable their business development.

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