Mark Edwards

Lawyer and Founder of Edwards PC, Creative Law

The top 10 legal issues for an IoT entrepreneur

We’ll be talking about data protection, security, privacy, contractual relationships with suppliers and customers, regulations and allocating and insuring the risks. We’ll also touch on the legal basics of building an IoT technology and running an IoT business.

About Mark Edwards

Mark is a lawyer and founder of Edwards PC, Creative Law, an entertainment, technology and IP law boutique with offices in Ottawa and Toronto, focusing on creative clients – individuals and companies producing IP content and technologies – digital media, software, games, film and TV.

Mark has also been a founder, launching CrowdWave, a proprietary, mass-interactive game technology platform for professional and collegiate sports; a builder, managing the development and production of state of the art ‘advergames’ and interactive web sites for the North American advertising industry; and, a producer, developing and financing over $52M of children’s animation.

As both a lawyer and a technology entrepreneur, Mark practices creative law, building and helping others to build IP-based businesses.

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