Ian Kayser

VP Operations/Sales at Design 1st

Concept to Production

Attendees will explore the IoT design. The goal is to understand the details of designing IOT connected hardware products from UI/UX and style to mechanisms and RF options, prototyping and speed to market. The talk will give a glimpse inside a professional design team, exploring how they think and how they work through the process in regulated markets. Attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of how IoT design gets done.

The knowledge will demystify hardware and help you manage specialist teams to get to market faster, understanding the process, budget and time required to achieve a professionally designed product ready for production.

Design 1st has grown from 4 to 25 employees and has become one of the most successful hardware product development teams in Canada.

About Ian Kayser

Ian Kayser, is a partner and VP Sales and Operations at Design 1st, with responsibilities for sales, finance, operations and administration. Prior to joining Design 1st, he was principal of a sales organization focused on ergonomics with revenues increasing 6 fold over ten years.

Ian’s greatest strengths are his leadership and ability to break down technical process methodology in simple terms. He thrives on building relationships, particularly those that deliver and exceed client expectations and has been instrumental in increasing Design 1st revenue 400% over the last 5 years.

In 12 years with Design 1st, Ian has worked with many innovators as they bring innovation to the market. He loves to say that if your ears are working you are winning and if your mouth is working you are losing, but most of all he loves to tell people about Design 1st because he is such a fan of the creative design and engineering staff that he gets to work with everyday.

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