Dominira Saul

Chief Experience Architect, Akendi

Developing for IoT & Day 2 Opening Remarks

Dominira believes that behind every well-designed product or service there is a thorough understanding of the actual users and their needs.

Dominira Saul, having presented many influential research and design outcomes to clients at all levels of the private and public sector, is very adept at putting his beliefs into practice. Dominira remains focused on ensuring clear transfer of design recommendations and most importantly, rationale to his clients. Dominira is committed to working closely with clients to ensure their success. He is a fluently bilingual communicator who has lectured at the university level, and delivered many training courses.

Dom holds an M.Sc. in User Interface Design from London Guildhall University, a BA (Hons.) in Psychology from Carleton University and has over 15 years usability research and interaction design experience in the UK and Canada.

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