David McLauchlan

CEO & Co Founder, Buddy Platform

The Quantified Economy & The Future of IoT Data

In this talk David McLauchlan will discuss:
• The Quantified Economy: The Total Global Addressable Market (TAM) for IoT
• 3rd Wave of The Internet-Global Proliferation of Connected Devices: The impact this has on IoT data generation
• The Benefits of Accessing and Analyzing Data in Real-time: Realizing IoT’s Greatest Value of Prediction and Optimization

The Quantified Economy represents the total global addressable market (TAM) for IoT, which according to a recent IDC report, will grow to an unprecedented $1.3 Trillion by 2019. With this, the 3rd wave of the Internet-global proliferation of connected devices, appliances and sensors is poised to take off in 2016. David will discuss how the ability to access and analyze the massive volume of streaming data from millions of connected devices in real time and at scale will enable prediction and optimization, the areas where IoT’s greatest value lies.

About David McLauchlan

David is CEO and co-founder of Buddy Platform, one of the world’s first data aggregation and management platforms for IoT and connected devices. Prior to founding Buddy, David spent 11 years at Microsoft, where he led business development for Microsoft’s Zune hardware business, spent many years in Microsoft’s Windows division, and also worked on the Visual C++ product in the Server & Tools division.

David has considerable business development experience, having closed inbound and outbound licensing deals for Microsoft with global partners and customers in the consumer, enterprise, B2B and component industries. In addition to his work in various product groups at Microsoft, he represented the company in several international standards-setting organizations, including the USB Implementers Forum, Consumer Electronics Association, Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), Bluetooth SIG and the IEEE Printer Work Group.

David is the co-founder of TVinteract, which developed software for on-air TV talent to curate and display social media in real-time and was acquired in 2014. He also has served as a Technology Partner Network advisor for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and currently serves as a mentor for the Australian incubator “Innovyz START”. He is also advisor to Washington DC-based “Manalto” and Melbourne-based “Bluedot Innovation.”

Prior to moving to the United States, David was a management consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Melbourne, Australia, and before that was a professional pianist in Adelaide.

David holds a Master’s degree in Engineering: IT, Telecommunications & Business Management, and a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering (Honors), both from the University of South Australia.

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