What's it all about?

Internet of Things in the 613 (that’s Ottawa)

The Internet of Things (IoT) melds together physical objects, virtual objects, living beings, user interfaces and analytics – all interconnected over an Internet based infrastructure. It has already started to drive unprecedented transformation in how we live our lives, create and share wealth, and participate in our social and physical environments.

IoT613 brings together many people from diverse areas including User experience, product design, service design, hardware and software engineering, policy makers, and more. All of these areas have a role to play in realizing IoT. True innovation in this space can only occur through multidisciplinary collaboration, and we want to showcase how it’s happening in Ottawa!

Whether you’re new to the IoT space or you’re a veteran, IoT613 provides many benefits. You will learn from the best in the industry, have an opportunity to network with other industry professionals, and find out who is working on what new advancements throughout the IoT space.



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