IoT613 2018 Conference Call for Speakers

Types of Speaking Opportunities



Speech on overarching aspects of a conference theme that will open or close the day. The speech duration is 30-35 minutes.



A presentation by a subject matter expert on a specific topic related to the technical, business, socio-economic, or other aspects of a conference theme. The presentation is 15-20 minutes followed by Q&A. The Q&A may follow the individual presentation, or be part of a common Q&A for several presentations within a session.



A short talk is intended to inform the audience on a new or early product development, innovation, or research by companies or academia. The duration is 4-5 minutes. Several short talks will be given in quick succession followed by a brief common Q&A.



An interactive discussion among several (3-5) experts and audience on a topic of intertest, guided by the panel moderator. Discussion is preceded by an introduction of the topic or central question by the moderator, followed by short initial statements by each panelist/ The duration of the overall panel session is 45-60 minutes.



A hands-on, interactaive workshop on a specific topic within the technology or business stream, led or facilitated by a subject matter expert. A design/development-stream workshop may be a half to full-day in duration. A business-stream topic-speficic workshop may be 1.5 to 3 hours in duration, with several topics covered during the day.